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Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis Workshop

  • Living Yoga 1776 South Jackson Street, Suite 810 Denver, CO, 80210 United States (map)

Yoga for Back Care

Friday, July 12
Yoga for Acute Back Issues - 1:30–4:00pm
Yoga for Chronic Back Issues - 6:00–8:30pm

Deborah will teach a direct approach to relief  and awareness addressing all types of chronic back pain and alignment issues such as disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, swayback, whiplash and kyphosis. The Yoga poses practiced in this workshop with a specific focus can be the key to alleviating pain and creating more balance in the body. This workshop is for students of all levels who wish to work on any issues related to pain and discomfort in the back and for teachers wishing to learn more about how to work with these issues:

  • Spinal Anatomy (Sagital curves)

  • Physiology of such back issues as: disc herniation and other disc issues, kyphosis, lordosis, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, neck and shoulder issues

  • Physiology of degenerative bone diseases: osteoporosis, arthritis

  • Muscular issues

  • How to “see” and correct postural problems and return to neutral curves of the spine

  • Defining and describing pain

  • Asana and modifications for acute back issues and pain

  • Asana and modifications for chronic back issues and pain

Yoga for Scoliosis

Saturday, July 13 - 10:00am–1:00pm

Deborah will introduce participants to the structure of the spine, the anatomy of scoliosis and how it affects one’s physiology and health. Yoga asanas and principles of sequencing will be practiced and modified for different curvatures and pain issues. Participants will learn how to develop a yoga practice which specifically addresses their own patterns and needs using awareness and alignment.

  • Defining scoliosis and asymmetry through spinal anatomy

  • Understanding and “seeing” lateral asymmetry and rotation

  • How scoliosis affects spatial and balance issues

  • How scoliosis affects the nervous system and can create joint issues and pain

  • Asana to realign and connect with the limbs.

  • Asana and breath techniques to create awareness, relieve pain, balance the nervous system and possibly stabilize the curves themselves.