Recommended Props

To begin your yoga practice I suggest you have:

  • 3-4 blocks

  • 4-5 Mexican style cotton blankets with no pattern in the weave

  • 2 Pune belts (1 long, 1 short)

  • and a sticky mat.

Where To Purchase


True Blue Sticky 2mm Mats can be purchased individually or by the roll at

There are also these identical-looking Bheka mats from Ray at YogaLifestyle who sells me my blankets.

Pune belts

buy a longer belt (8 foot +)  for Door Dog. I highly discourage the use of thick belts, D, ring belts or any kind of plastic buckle for door dog.
1 long, F104 Pune Belt, 1 inch wide by 12 feet long    
1 short F103 Pune Belt, 1 inch wide by 6 feet long


TRUE BLUE Foam Yoga Black, Large
3 full size blocks Standard (larger) size: 3 7/8" x 6" x 9". Comes in blue and purple

Cork and Foam Blocks  

Ray Greenberg @

Yoga Accessories

Solid Color Mexican blankets (with no stripes or pattern)

Ray Greenberg @ Yoga Life Style   
845.863.3557 (use my name when you call)
Ray is the same Ray as above with the Bheka sticky mats.  
He will know the firmness/thickness/quality of the blanket you need but ONLY IF YOU CALL HIM DIRECTLY AND USE MY NAME.
You may even get glitter upon request! (although that seems to be a random kind of thing)  AND anyone using my name gets a discount.
Wash blankets in cold water and air dry when they get dirty.

Bolsters and Sandbags

Brenda Beebe @
These are the best bolsters and sandbags made.
Bolsters come in round or flat:
Ask for customized extra long handles for your sandbags.
You can order bolster covers and sandbags in customized colors
Bolsters come with cotton or Kapok (lighter to lift) stuffing

All Small Wooden Props

you can buy through me.

  • Pune wedges

  • Slant boards

  • Mini-Slantboards

  • Cheeseboards

  • Wooden Blocks

  • Quarter Rounds

Scoliosis Pads

Happy Sew
Also available at Samamkaya if you pick up in person.

Play Bricks

If you just want a couple of play bricks get them from Tools for Yoga.

If you want 24 (I think that's the minimum) get them from the manufacturer:
Also available at Samamkaya.

Ankle Sock for Structural Leg Length Difference

Here is a sock you can wear while you practice with a heel lift.
Adjustable Heel Lift Ankle Sock:

For Bunions

Pedifix Gel Smart Visco-gel Toe Spreaders
These are available at most Duane Reade/Walgreens stores.

Toe Separators

for all your toes which can be worn while practicing yoga

Backless Metal Folding “Yoga Chairs” 

4 for $49.99 if you pick up at a Staples o
4 for $64.99 if have them delivered (by tomorrow!)

Instructions for knocking out the back:
(I find that just wacking for 10 mins with a hammer works better)
Make your own backless (Iyengar) yoga chair in 30 minutes (You Tube)

Here's one with the back knocked out for $27 + 10% discount for your first purchase:
Everyday Yoga Backless Yoga Chair

They also offer an inexpensive tall chair:
Everyday Yoga Backless Tall Yoga Chair

Pelvic Sling

Great for back traction and back pain relief.

This is the best one and it has adjustable height. 
If you have a rope wall, just order the sling and buy carabiners at your hardware store to clip it onto your hooks. 
If not, you can hook it over your door (make sure you’re on the closed side of the door and the door is locked!) with the over the door hangers.

The Regular Wall Pelvic Swing is used without the Yoga Wall™.
You can also use it With the Over the Door Hanger.
Adjustable, one size fits most applications. Color - Forest Green

Over the Door Hanger

I am selling these or you can order from the Great Yoga Wall.

Used to hang the Regular Wall Pelvic Swing from the top of a door

Used to hang the Regular Wall Pelvic Swing from the top of a door


Rope Walls

For your home your rope wall can be just one panel with 4 hooks or even just one hook in the wall!  
You do want a professional contractor to make sure it is done securely.

Lois Steinberg’s measurements and instructions for building a rope wall

Lois Steinberg’s measurements and instructions for building a rope wall

From the Lozier Props manual

From the Lozier Props manual

From the Lozier Props manual

From the Lozier Props manual

The hooks we use are square to give people with scoliosis better proprioceptive feedback.  

The wide hooks were custom made for us and we designed them.   They are steel rods with threading on either end and bent into a square shape.  A washer fits in front of the plywood, and an extra secure bolt in the back. Go by the measurements in Lois Steinbrrg's books for height and spacing. If you live in NYC your contractors can come by my studio or Samamkaya to see how the plywood is mounted on a  frame and the frame into the studs and how the screws in the plywood should be screwed into the frame symmetrically.

Here’s the particular layout of the walls at Samamkaya

Here’s the particular layout of the walls at Samamkaya

Here’s another type  of Rope Wall they have at the Iyengar Institute.  It “looks nicer”

Yoga Ropes for Purchase

You can buy pre-made yoga ropes online at Tools for Yoga or at Yoga Props. A set of four custom sized ropes can also be purchased from a local San Diego supplier who I highly recommend for great quality ropes. The San Diego supplier will custom tie the ropes to spec for your particular rope wall and has two thicknesses of rope to choose from. They are happy to mail out of state. Contact them at marucayog(at)

Tying Your Own Ropes
buy Nautical Sta-set ropes if you want to tie your own.  There are several short YouTube videos which show how to tie the ropes in the triple fisherman’s knot classically used for the rope wall: here, here, and here.

Here is one of many nautical suppliers which is one of many possibilities for buying rope.

Buy sta-set ropes, otherwise your ropes innards will herniate! 
Diameter is in Lois Steinberg diagram above.