D Wolk Yoga 29th Street Studio is available for rentals!

The 29th St. Studio is a perfect place for Iyengar Yoga, Private or Semi-Private Lessons or Body Work appointments.

In this sun-drenched, airy 12th floor, L-shaped studio, there are plenty of props, a two panel rope wall (4 stations), tressler, and a massage table.

If you are a yoga teacher or Body Work professional with your own liability insurance and are interested in renting a fully equipped Iyengar Yoga studio for your private lessons, bodywork sessions or small group lessons (up to 3 students) this studio located on W. 29th Street between 6th & 7th Avenues is for you.  The sunny soundproofed studio faces south and students consistently remark on its cheerfulness, warmth and calm.


Studio features:

  • Traditional Iyengar Rope wall with 4 rope stations and pelvic sling (only to be used by Iyengar/style yoga teachers trained in rope use)

  • Tressler

  • 15 blankets

  • Wooden and foam blocks of all sizes

  • Long and short Pune style belts of all lengths

  • Mobile full length mirror

  • Pavanmuktasana bench

  • Setu bandha bench

  • Viparita karani box

  • 2 tall stools

  • 1 small stool

  • 2 backless chairs

  • 1 backbender

  • 4 sandbags and 2 plateweights

  • Simhasana bench

  • Smaller props such as knee wedges, slantboards, weighted dowels, quarter rounds, scoliosis pads etc.

  • Massage table ($5 supplemental table fee, please bring your own sheets.)

$25/hour rental.  Negotiable if you rent bigger blocks of time or on a weekly basis.

The studio is generally available at these times:

Mondays: all day

Tuesdays: before 10:45am and after 5pm

Wednesdays: before 2:00pm and after 6:30pm

Thursdays: before 1pm and after 6:30pm

Fridays: all day

Saturdays: before 9:30am and after noon

Sundays: before noon