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Yoga, Scoliosis, & the Nervous System

  • California Yoga Center 1776 Miramonte Avenue Mountain View, CA, 94040 United States (map)

The scoliotic spine affects not only the bones and muscles but also the nerves. The feedback from the right and left sides of the curves is not the same - one side is contracted and one side is overstretched. This can create disorientation for the nervous system - a mix of inertia and tension that generates anxiety, discomfort and an inability to rest. 

In this workshop, you will learn how to use active poses to access numb and unused areas, release overused overstretched muscles and rest over-contracted muscles. Using prop setups and other stimuli which allow the nervous system to balance these extremes, the techniques in this workshop will help you find a center place where you can rest.

Saturday June 22, 1–5 pm  We will begin with experiential anatomy focusing on the autonomic nervous system and touching on the vagus nerve and the Polyvagal theory, as well as anatomy and physiology of the scoliotic spine. Our study will include hands-on partner work, yoga asana and breath to balance sensation in standing poses and in savasana. 

Sunday June 23, 1:30–4:30 pm  We will continue with dynamic asanas expanding concavities and releasing convexities and balancing the two sides of the body. We will explore all categories of poses. Techniques for twists, restorative poses and pranayama will be of special interest in this session.

Fee for the 2 day workshop: Early bird fee $180 if paid by June 10; after fee is $210.

Individual Days: Saturday only fee: $125. Sunday only fee: $100.