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Teaching Pranayama for Back Care & Scoliosis

  • Samamkaya Yoga Back Care and Scoliosis Collective, LLC 119 W 23rd St Ste 406 New York United States (map)

Saturday - 9am–12pm & 2–5:30pm
Sunday - 9am–12:15pm & 1:45–4pm
$265 - Please register in advance

The breath is a guide for all yoga therapeutics students:  it can calm pain patterns, guide students to internally locate an asymmetry, and create space and length in the body.

Teachers participating in this course will learn how use of the breath can re-shape and and create equilibrium within strongly held physical patterns as well as re-balance the nervous system of the student who struggles with pain or with compromised range of motion and proprioception.  Experienced students wishing to learn more about a pranayama practice to address their back problem or scoliosis will also attend, giving teachers an opportunity to see and work with typical issues that arise within this population.

Classical pranayama techniques such as ujayii, viloma, brahmari, and digital pranayama such as nadi shodana will be explained and practiced in the context of the asymmetrical and/or injured body.   Pranayama geared to the specifics of the asymmetric body will also be discussed and practiced along with modifications for supine and seated postures.

Teachers and students will also practice restorative poses that prepare the body for optimal lung capacity.

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Yoga, Scoliosis, & the Nervous System