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Ways Of Seeing with Deborah Wolk


The first step in working with another person is to observe and see the body.  Received, rather than acted upon, observation and vision are skills not always taught to teachers.  Yet without these skills one can not truly help an injured student or anyone with therapeutic needs.

In this workshop we will approach the questions:  what is seeing?  What senses are involved?  Which is more powerful:  vision or touch?  From what standpoint can one truly observe a body?

To find the key to problem solving and subsequently healing you will learn what to look for as you observe your student  as well as how to use touch.  These skills will allow you to use light and dark, the draping of clothing, a sense of heaviness and lightness, the space around you, and more, to see the student and to use your hands to feel asymmetry of bone, muscle, skin, and to clearly distinguish what it is you are sensing as well as communicate that to your student with your hands.

Deborah will guide you to a tangible place where you too can develop a “good eye”.