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Yoga, Scoliosis, & the Nervous System

  • Samamkaya Yoga Back Care and Scoliosis Collective, LLC 119 W 23rd St Ste 406 New York United States (map)

Friday - 6–8:30pm
Saturday - 9am–12pm & 2–6pm
Sunday - 9am–12:15pm & 1:45–4pm
$310 - Please register in advance

The scoliotic spine affects not only the bones and muscles but also the nerves—the feedback from the right and left sides of the curves is not the same. The eyes are not level and the sense of internal and external space is distorted. Some of the most powerful asana directions for students with scoliosis are ones directing and re-training the nervous system. In this workshop, students with scoliosis will learn to practice so the spine follows the eyes and is re-directed by props, walls and other external stimuli. By the end, students will find more extension, alignment, and balance as a result of practice than ever before. The  sense of the body and particular nervous system issues will be felt in a new way and students will learn how to unravel the disorientation they may feel when practicing yoga or when receiving adjustments and modifications in the asanas. Teachers will learn to guide their students with scoliosis with a different set of directions.

An experiential exploration of the anatomy of the nervous system in relationship to the anatomy and physiology of the scoliotic body.

In the morning poses and breathwork will be introduced which stimulate the concave aspects of the scoliotic pattern awakening these areas and balancing the nervous system.

In the afternoon through yoga asana, students will use the eyes to re-pattern the spine and head; use the wall and props to bring awareness to the back of the body and other areas where it may be difficult to feel.

In the morning practicing even limb use in the asanas will help help strengthen and balance the spine. Moving sensory feedback away from the joints and into the muscle ie: avoiding hyperextension and other common scoliotic misalignments.  

In the final afternoon session students will use props and other cues in the restorative poses to move from sympathetic to parasympathetic in the often agitated scoliotic nervous system.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels and the asanas will be modified for all abilities and range of motion issues.

6 months minimum asana practice is recommended before taking this workshop.